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Hannah began a dedicated study of Argentine social tango under the guidance of Sharna Fabiano in Washington, DC, continuing as a student of Alex Krebs in Portland, Oregon and Moira Castellano in Buenos Aires. She has worked as a guest artist for Sharna Fabiano Tango Company; taught in Portland, in Ann Arbor, at Oxygen Tango, at CalTech, and at national tango festivals; and performed with Ney Melo, Alex Krebs, Robert Hauk, and others. (She is also the creator and designer of Poema Clothing, a brand of luxury handmade dancewear for tangueras.)

Hannah’s dancing and teaching are marked by her perception of tango as a spiritual practice as well as a physical and social art. She has made a particular study of the way tango interacts with gender, and she aspires to profound understanding of both the leading role and the following role. Her goal for her students in tango, and for herself, is to grow in depth as well as breadth.

For private lessons in Los Angeles, please click here to schedule through Oxygen Tango. For other inquiries, please write hannah@poemaclothing.com.